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This morning I read a Chuck Klosterman story about the deaths of a Ramone and a guy from Ratt which prompted me to listen to “Round and Round” on Youtube.  I guess I more half-read the story, as thoughts like “I should probably get out of bed” and “I should probably drink less” started to intrude on my reverie.  And it truly was reverie.  Outside the 40th floor in NYC in the morning the air looks like what I always imagined heaven to look like (white and glowing).  And if I have to kill time for eternity, lying in bed reading is probably going to take up the majority of that time (a majority of infinity…wtf?).  Anyway, the video for “Round and Round” is truly bizarre.  Basically, a wealthy family eats dinner while Ratt rocks out in the attic.  For some reason the husband also plays the wife character in drag.  Everyone downstairs eating makes incredibly overdone expressions while Ratt prances around like a bunch of sex panthers above.  The daughter (of course) goes up to do naughty things with the band while the butler, who seems to be “in” on whatever exactly is going on, serves a plate of live rats to the rich family.  Seriously, CK, I don’t think I appreciate your influence in my life.  Although I am glad that I now know who Ratt is.

At some point CK says basically that smart people like the Ramones and dumb people like Ratt.  Or he doesn’t think that, he thinks other people think that, and he disagrees and says that defining taste in music is a subjective device to…fuck… something about maintaining class divisions (now Mike Skinner’s point in the previous CK article about the intellectual laziness of Americans is hitting home).  But anyway I always thought there was something about the complexity of music or somehow being an afficianado that could give someone taste in music, as opposed to just personal preference.  Take people who say things like “I don’t particularly like the music, but I can appreciate it.”  Are these people lying, or does CK just think that statement is meaningless?  Hopefully he will start reading my blog and answer me.

On the particular point of Ramones vs. Ratt, I disagree with you, CK.  The Ramones are rad and Ratt are not and all you have to do is watch “Round and Round” and “I Wanna Be Sedated” on Youtube.

As a side note to Youtube – I am not capitalizing a T in the middle of your name just because you think it’s really cute.


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